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Southern Iran Aquaculture Research Center, Iran, Ahvaz

Iranian fisheries research organization with over two decades of research exprience on propagation and rearing of marine fish is proud to be hosting Mariculture "Sustainable development of cage culture". The conference will take lace at Southern Iran Aquaculture Research Center, Ahvaz, Iran, on February 16th to 18th, 2016.

We invite abstracts for oral papers, symposia, posters and creative arts based research in the following areas related to the mariculture:

  • Propagation and rearing of marine fish
  • Larviculture
  • Live feeding
  • Ecology and environmental interaction
  • Biology and physiology
  • Cage culture
  • Processing

The deadline for the submission of abstracts is 5th January 2016.

Please submit abstracts to
mariculture2015@ifro.ir using the template provided. All abstracts will be peer-reviewed. Authors will be notified of acceptance of submissions by 15th January 2015. Please visit the rest of the website for more information on the conference including keynote speakers, workshops, future deadlines and conference registration.

We hope you will be able to join us at Ahvaz for this important discussion and we look forward to receiving your abstract!




About Ahvaz

Ahvaz is built on the banks of the Karun River and is situated in the middle of Khūzestān Province. It has several high ranked universities such as Jondishapour, Shahid Chamran, Ramin Agriculture and Natural resources university, Oil university and Islamic Azad University of Ahvaz.


About us
The center was established in 1988 as a fundamental step for development of aquaculture in Khuzestan province which is considered as a unique area for its high fishery and aquaculture potential. The province contains more than 30% of the total inland freshwater of the country in the forms of rivers, wetlands and dam reservoirs. Meanwhile it has about 200km coastal areas in the North of Persian Gulf. Regarding its ecosystem diversity there is big fish species diversity in the province water bodies. With the consideration of these potentials the province assigned as the main pole for development of aquaculture in Iran. Plenty of non agricultural soil, long period of warm season and freshwater resources are the main characteristics of the province which provide an excellent condition for aquaculture development, mariculture and shrimp culture. Meanwhile the north mountainous part of the province with cold climate and plenty of cold water streams provide wide background for cold water fish culture in the area. All above mentioned potentials in the province led to establishment of Khuzestan Fisheries Research Center.
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