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Welcome to the Department of Ecology

We have strong research on marine chemical ecology, marine biology, community structure, plankton ecology, ecology of benthic organisms, and conservation biology. We combine experimental and analytical approaches, including advanced chemical and ecological analyses.

We work with a large number of students in cooperation with universities and they have able to use facilities in the laboratory and in the field (both onshore, and shipboard). Our students aim for careers, or further education, in professions such as natural resource science, nature conservation, teaching and research.

We collaborate with many different regional, national, and international authorities, organizations and companies. In several cases these contacts have had profound influence on marine environmental policies and research.
Life in the sea is a topic that readily captures the public interest. We often participate in news media, popular science events and special events for schools.


Banitorfi Jamil

Dehghan Madiseh Simin. More details

Esmaili Fozieh

Jahani Najme

Khalfehnilsaz Mansour

Kianersi Farahnaz

Mayahi Yosef

Mazraavi Mohsen

Sabzalizadeh Sara

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